Santa Clara

Santa Clara

All About the City of Santa Clara, California, Its Drug Crisis and a Potential Solution

Santa Clara; The City in Review and in Summary

Officially called as it is the City of Santa Clara, this is a beautiful and verdant city in Santa Clara County, in the state of California, named after the initial Spanish mission that was established there in the year of 1777. The city’s population was 116,468 at the 2010 United States Census Bureau’s report, making it the ninth-most populous city in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

As for its geographical location, the city it located just a mere 45 miles southeast of San Francisco. Interestingly enough, the city was founded in 1777 but not incorporated in 1852. The city itself is the site of the eighth of 21 California missions, Mission Santa Clara de Asís, and was named after the mission. The Mission and Mission Gardens are located on the grounds of Santa Clara University. Saint Clare is the patron saint of Santa Clara.

Santa Clara is also known for its strong and stable economy that even lasted through the economic depression of 2008. Santa Clara is located in the center of Silicon Valley and is home to the headquarters of several high-tech companies such as Intel and many others. It is also home to Santa Clara University, the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of California. Levi’s Stadium, the home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers and the future site of Super Bowl 50 is located in the city. The city is bordered by San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino.

Drug Abuse and Addiction Hitting Hard in Santa Clara, California

Sadly, this is a city that has come under the very, very strong influence of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general. The entire state of California and the entire country for that matter has been struggling recently with pretty significant drug and alcohol abuse and addiction issues. So far the government has tried to think up multiple different solutions but none of them have had far reaching, positive effects.

For Santa Clara residents, the issue is in that of prescription drug abuse, heroin abuse, and meth abuse. By far prescription drug abuse is the most commonly used and abled drug, but before one knows it the pharmaceutical companies will be making more and more prescription drugs that will supposedly be, “not addictive”. Sadly, these prescription drugs. are the most commonly abused drugs in the city, and their presence and the presence of the addicted themselves have made it possible for the entire city of Santa Clara to feel the effects of drug addiction and substance abuse here of all places. It is feared that, if something is not done soon for the Santa Clara residents, then it might end up being one of the most drug addicted cites in the entire state of California.

Facts and Statistics; Real World Data on the Type of Drug Abuse Occurring in Santa Clara

Listed below are just a few facts and statistics regarding nationwide and even international abuse of prescription drugs, which is by far the biggest single drug problem in all of Santa Clara:

  • Among those using illicit drugs for the first time in 2007, the most popular substances were marijuana and prescription painkillers—each used by roughly the same number of Americans aged 12 and older. Non-medical use of painkillers rose 12%.
  • One in ten high school seniors in the US admits to abusing prescription painkillers.
  • Misuse of painkillers represents three-fourths of the overall problem of prescription drug abuse. The painkiller hydrocodone is the most commonly diverted and abused controlled pharmaceutical in the US.
  • Methadone, once used in addiction treatment centers and now used by doctors as a painkiller, was found as the cause of 785 deaths in one state alone, Florida, in 2007.
  • Prescription drug abuse is also climbing in older Americans, particularly involving anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and painkillers such as OxyContin.
  • In the UK, tens of thousands of people are said to be dependent on painkillers such as Solpadeine and Neurofen Plus.
  • Doctors and rehabilitation therapists report that prescription painkiller abuse is one of the most difficult addictions to treat.

How to Get Clean from Drug and Alcohol Addiction; Santa Clara Solutions

If one is from or in Santa Clara, California or the surrounding areas and is suffering from substance abuse and addiction to harmful drugs such as prescription drugs, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol, then one must take action right now to get into a Santa Clara drug rehab center near one or even far away so that one can start taking his or her few steps towards a lifetime of recovery. It is indeed and without a doubt a sad fact that one of defining qualities of this generation that has been emerging for the last several years is that more and more people are succumbing to drug addiction, when they should be doing the exact opposite.

Given this situation that the United States faces, there have been a lot of drug rehab centers in California that have been mushrooming ever since to combat the rising tide of addiction, and there is no reason why addicted individuals in Santa Clara can’t go to rehab to make positive and necessary changes in their lives.

Choosing a drug rehab in Santa Clara will depend on the patient’s needs and overall addiction too. Different rehab centers offer different types of programs, and no two rehabs are the same by any means at all. However, any rehab is better than no rehab at all. With just a little bit of dedication and intention and the help of an inpatient rehab center, one can beat addiction once and for all. Addiction can be won against over time and with a lot of work, and an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, rehabilitation programs, detox facilities, and recovery programs stand ready and waiting to effectively assist any who might try and make a conscious effort to beat his or her addiction once and for all.

One must not lose hope in the face of fighting against a drug or alcohol addiction. Thankfully, one has the help of inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, rehabilitation programs, detox facilities, and recovery programs to assist him of her.