Using the Example Strategy in PhD Study

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Meth in America Today

Meth in America is a very serious matter for any concerned citizen in any town, city, or rural area. Meth is the leading addictive and abused drug in America today. Millions of Americans admit to using this drug at least once in their life, and of these millions hundreds of thousands suffer from a long-term addiction to meth.

Meth in America made its appearance in the early 1900s and from that point on, this drug was here to stay. Whether a person uses meth for recreational purposes, to stay awake at work longer, or even to lose weight, using this drug even once can cause a fatal side effect. Not only is it adults who are using meth in their everyday lives, but teens as well. Individuals as young as the age of 11 have reported using meth. These young adults that use meth, even once, are setting themselves up for a life full of addiction and failure before they even have a chance to live.

Addiction Treatment Centers

The only good thing that has come out of meth in America is the addiction treatment centers. Throughout the United States today, there are thousands of different rehab centers that have programs available specifically directed for people with meth addictions.

These programs provide programs geared towards helping a recovering meth addict get themselves together. Group and individual counseling are offered so that the recovering addict can see how the addiction to meth has affected their life, and can learn new ways to overcome their desire to use meth.

Meth Addiction

Finding out that someone you love or care for has been using meth, you feel compelled to seek help through a treatment facility that can help with this most deadly of addictions. When one becomes addicted to meth, they change their behavior, way of thinking, living conditions and even personal habits. It is not uncommon for meth addicts to lie, cheat, steal and become unpleasant to be around. This is due to the stronghold meth has over both the mind and the body. Because of the severe changes in a person found through meth use and abuse, treatment for meth is a critical issue.

Detox Programs

Detox programs can be personalized for added chances of success over meth addiction. The safest way to detox from meth is in an inpatient addiction treatment facility.  Here, the individual will have a supervised detoxification where any issues which may arise can be handled immediately and safely. The patient will be monitored around the clock and will be watched for any signs of difficulties which could take place.

Other Programs Offered Through Inpatient Treatment

While receiving treatment through an inpatient facility, the patient will be taught ways to avoid relapsing once leaving the facility.  They will be instructed on ways to avoid triggers which may cause them to crave the meth in the future. Extracurricular activities will help the recovering addict obtain new hobbies and find things that make him or her happy without drugs present.

Meth in America is devastating and is affecting families and individuals every single day. It knows no boundaries and has no limits as to who is affects. Thanks to constant help from different rehab centers and education today, meth in America can become limited and become a drug of the past.




Teen Working

San Jose Funds Jobs Initiative to Help Teens Stay Off Drugs

San Jose’s Dream

San Jose is making waves in the nation as being a city that has done much to discourage, stop, and rehabilitate the drug addiction crisis that has effectively swept across the nation since the turn of the century. Without a doubt, this is a situation that has worsened greatly with more than twenty-five million Americans now being heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol, but San Jose has been trying its hardest to change all of that.

The city has a dream in which none of its residents are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and the city has set this forward as a goal for its future. The task is a great one indeed as California has one of the worst addiction problems in the nation. However, the city has stood by its promise and has effectively tried and pioneered many different programs and efforts for rehabilitating its addicted populace and for preventing drugs from getting into the hands of at risk residents.

San Jose’s Job Initiative; Putting Employment in the Hands of San Jose’s Youth

San Jose has brought about a new jobs program called San Jose Works, which will give hundreds of troubled teens in gang-impacted neighborhoods a paid job for five weeks minimum. The program was designed to try and create an effective and impacting result on teens in these neighborhoods to give them something to do in the summer and in the fall during their free time.

San Jose put $1 million into the jobs initiative and Santa Clara County invested the same amount into its own similar program that mimicked San Jose’s. The funding effectively pays for job training as well as salaries for the teens working in public sector and nonprofit jobs such as at city libraries and community centers as well. Companies such as Lowe’s, Target, and Home Depot also have signed up to employ some of the 250 teens in the summer program. The goal of the program was to reach 800 teens by the end of the summer, and the goal was met and exceeded by the end of August of this year.

This program was inspired by a common principal shared by many all across the United States that, “If you are working, you don’t have time to do drugs”. With this initiative, the San Jose Works teens began training for their job assignments which began immediately after the program started at the beginning of this past summer. Their jobs varied in pay but they usually payed $8.80 to $10.30 an hour, and many began working with zeal to even be making that much.

Studies show that the summer time is the most likely time for teens to experiment with drugs, so that program was implemented at the end of last spring. Even though summer is when most teens find themselves with idle time though, (which often leads to potential trouble), the city of San Jose hopes to be able to run the program year round.

The Future of San Jose’s Young Adults

It is programs like this that will truly make a difference in the youth of today that make up the adults of tomorrow. San Jose has received nationwide praise an admiration for this program, and it is thought that before the end of the year many other programs will take up a similar stance and begin to start implementing programs of a similar style and order of magnitude. San Jose is truly on the way to a better and brighter future for the addicted populace of the city, and also for those who might now not end up becoming drug addicts thanks to this and other programs.

When it all comes down to it, San Jose also has begun to truly excel in their approach to rehabilitation as well. Many of the residents of San Jose who are addicted to drugs can obviously not benefit from programs like the one above, and instead need something more intensive and all encompassing. This is where rehabilitation comes in. San Jose firmly supports getting all of their currently addicted residents through inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence and treatment centers, and it is hoped that in this way the city will become totally clean and sober for all of its residents.


San Jose; Pioneering a New Way to Keep Recovered Addicts Sober and Recovered

Culinary Training Programs Make for Excellent Post Rehabilitation Aftercare

There is a new and impressive program that has spiked much interest and curiosity in the city of San Jose. Instead of the usual 12-step meetings or aftercare counseling for people struggling to stay sober in the ever lasting battle against addiction that is never really over, various recovery programs in San Jose are now setting up, “Recovery Cafes”, for newly recovered addicts to work in. These programs have proven quickly to be immensely valuable as without a doubt they offer much more than a lack of employment and just a few AA or NA meetings a week could do so.

The recovery cafes not only create employment of newly recovered addicts fresh out of rehab, but they also stimulate a positive and very sober environment for newly recovered addicts where they have a support team and watchdogs to help them through those first few months of post-rehabilitation stress, which are often the most difficult by far.

Based on the original Recovery Cafe idea in Seattle, Washington, the city San Jose jumped on the idea and right away opened the doors of the first cafe nearly two years ago as a small recovery circle held three days a week, attended by 10 or so people. Today it serves upwards of 100 members a week. Not only is the cafe an aftercare program for recovered addicts to go to for counseling, therapy, and group meetings, but it is also an actual cafe with actual customers and clientele. The clientele themselves are often recovered addicts, and all of the employees of the cafe are also in recovery.

The first center has done quite well after the city of San Jose approved spending about $765,000 to completely and utterly remodel the old church’s kitchen into a fully functional commercial-sized kitchen where recovering addicts will effectively learn how to slice, dice and chop their way into a new career in the restaurant, service, and hospitality sectors. So far, many recovered addicts of the San Jose area have already benefited greatly from this as many of them have worked for the cafe and then gone off to get high paying jobs as chefs or wait staff in classy restaurants.

The center offers multiple different programs of employment and training for those who apply, all with the intention of preparing them for bigger and better things in the near future. The idea here is to give a newly recovered addict a place to work and make some money while also giving him or her support and training for the future. This will include basic safety training, (food safety, kitchen safety, knife skills, etc.), very basic concepts, and some helpful tips that would allow them to go out and get the license from the county that allows them to work in a restaurant.

Another similar track taught at the cafe will teach basic cooking concepts in home situations, which is important for those in recovery as their culinary skills were often neglected while they were abusing drugs and alcohol. All in all, the program offers much to newly recovered addicts, and the success rates and positive statistics that have come about from the track have been impressive and very worthwhile indeed.

The Future for the San Jose Recovery Cafe Program

Since the recovery cafe set up in San Jose has done so well, the city is now considering setting up other recovery cafes all across the city. Studies have shown that the most common time for a relapse for a recovering addicts is in the first six months after he or she completes a rehabilitation program. This is the worst time by far as the individual is not only trying to stay away from something that was so much a part of his or her life for such a long time, but he or she is also trying to learn how to become a successful, responsible, and contributing adult as well.

This time period can be quite stressful and can often create relapses. The recovery cafe program in San Jose has effectively proven that it can prevent this from occurring with an impressive zero relapses occurring amongst those who have worked there since the cafe opened two years ago. Without a doubt, this is an effective approach and it is hoped that other cities will take up the idea to improve the drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation process for addicted individuals all across the country.